How to Talk to a Girl You Dream About

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Talking to the girl of your dreams can be intimidating. It’s also easy to screw up. It’s not hard to get caught up and share too much, or try to hard. This can just push her away and lesson the chances of another meeting. Instead, try these simple tips to keep the conversation with your dream girl going.
Be Confident
It’s easy to get wrapped up and lose your confidence when you are talking to the girl of your dreams. This will make you come across as wimpy and not be attractive. It’s important to remember that she is just a girl, like every other girl, and keep your confidence up.
Be Natural
Don’t go out of your way to impress her, especially by making up stories or being someone you aren’t. Just be yourself. This is the most important thing to remember. In the long run, it doesn’t matter if you have a million dollar job or a nice car. It will become an issue though if you lie about it to impress her.
Have Some Topic Ideas Ready
Talking to the girl you dream about can be nerve wracking. You may not want to wing it entirely. It’s a good idea to have a few note cards with some conversation starters on it. This way if you start to lose your nerve you will have a back up plan. If you are talking to her in person, this of course won’t be an option. Instead pick a few topics before you meet up that you can easily remember to keep the conversation going.

Dating Conversation Questions

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One of the hardest things about dating is keeping the conversation going. A date with little or poor conversation will likely be a last date. There are several ways you can keep the conversation alive without going in to ugly or boring territory.
Pop Culture Questions
These are fun and always pretty safe. Pick a musical artist who is a household name from the 80s, and ask what their favorite song by that person is. For instance, Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, Michael Jackson, or any other artist who had a large influence would be safe.
Food Questions
Asking about favorite foods could be boring, but if you phrase it in an interesting way it could spark a conversation. For instance, asking what breakfast foods they loathe could open doors for fun conversations. Asking about their favorite fair foods could do the same thing.
As children we probably all had to take some type of lesson, whether it is dance, piano, or kick boxing. It could be fun if you had taken something that was strange and kind of off the wall (like accordion lessons). Asking these types of questions will keep the conversation going while allowing your date to open up a little, start off by asking if she has an erotic fantasy you may be pleasantly surprised at the answer you get..
Be Risky
If the conversation is going well and she is opening up, why not take the oportunity to ask her how adventurous she is sexually, many women are quite open minded and its not unknown for a career woman to be looking for casual sex,
If you are going to ask about favorite things, you want to focus it a little. Don’t ask what their favorite book is, chances are slim that this will go well. If they give you an answer that you have never heard of, you’ve just ended that part of the conversation. Instead, ask thinks like favorite Dr. Seuss books, favorite 80s children’s cartoon, favorite boy band, etc.

How to Impress the Girl of Your Dreams

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Impressing your dream girl is going to be no different than impressing other girls. The only difference is going to be that you may find yourself wanting to go out of your way to impress her, which can lead to going overboard and losing your chance. If you want to impress her, here’s how you can start.
Ask About Her
Don’t spend the whole time talking about yourself. Women deal with this all the time, especially when men get nervous. Instead, ask her about her life, her dreams, her ambitions, and just allow her to talk about herself. She will be impressed with how selfless you are.
Be Presentable
Whether or not you want to admit it, your appearance does matter. You don’t have to be a body builder and chiseled to get your dream girl though. Just make sure you pay attention to basic grooming. Make sure your hair and nails are cleaned. Wear clean, pressed clothing, and don’t go overboard on cologne.
Be Funny
A woman always appreciate a sense of humor, as long as you aren’t crude about it. If you aren’t naturally funny, don’t try to fake your way through it. This will show through and make you look like you are trying to hard. The most important thing when it comes to impressing your dream girl is to just be you.

Five Tips to Get the Girl of Your Dreams

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Getting the girl of your dreams is much easier than most men think. It doesn’t require anything special, it just requires you to be open and be yourself. Here are some tips to help you out when it comes to this.
Be Yourself
The girl of your dreams doesn’t mean you need to go out of your way to impress her. In fact, if you pretend to be something you’re not, you will just push her away. Be honest and open from the start.
Have Conversation Starters
You don’t want to be stuck on a bad date with your dream girl. You can keep the conversation going by having a few things to bring up that she is interested in. This will keep everything flowing smoothly and will help you avoid any awkward silences.
Get to Know Her
Before you plan anything, make sure you share a few common interests. If she mentions in a profile or elsewhere that she likes a particular band or movie, spend the extra time to listen or watch, if she happens to be into dogging do some research on dogging locations. She’ll be impressed that you took this extra step.
Don’t Stalk Her
You may be excited about the opportunity to get to know your dream girl, but avoid excessive contact or stalking behavior. If you ran across her on a dating site, send a message and leave it at that. Don’t start searching for her all over the web, and don’t bombard her with tons of messages.
Let Her Take the Lead
Leave the ball in her court. Make contact and allow her to contact you. If you don’t hear from her after a week or so, you can send a follow up message. Don’t be pushy, and avoid sounding desperate.

Date Conversation Starters

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When the conversation wears down on a date, it can create an awkward moment. A date with lulls in the conversation is not going to end well, and you may not end up with a second date. Here are some great ideas for keeping the conversation going.
Unique Experiences
Asking about unique experiences is a good way to start a conversation. Questions that require a little thought are always best. Ask about unexplained experiences, best bargains ever found, strangest food they ever tried, and other unique things will be a great way to keep the conversation going and keep their interest level up.
Music, movies, and television are always safe subjects, but these can also be boring. If you find a way to twist it though, you may be able to pull it off. Keep the focus sharp, and keep the questions open ended. For instance, instead of asking about their favorite album, ask what a favorite album to clean the house to is. This makes the question more interesting, evokes laughter and fun, and requires thought.
Relevant Information
While having fun is important, you also want to get information that you can use to plan future dates. Questions about favorite foods, hobbies, and movies are all good questions that will give you some ideas for future dates. Remember to keep the questions open ended, and you can still twist them to make them more interesting if you spend just a few minutes thinking first.

What to Ask Your Dream Girl on a Date

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Your dream girl is going to be no different than any other girl when it comes to dating. If you put her on a pedestal you run the risk of an awkward date that may be the last. You want her to feel special, but not go overboard. Most importantly, you want to keep the conversation going to keep her interest. Here are some great questions that you can ask that show her you are interested and avoid uncomfortable silences.
Ask About Favorite Memories
This doesn’t go down a bad path, and won’t force her to think about things she doesn’t want. It also shows that you have an interest in who she is, and allows her to open up about her life. It can also give you some great insight for future dates.
Music, Movies, and TV
These are always safe topics for a date, but they can get boring. So, instead, ask what her favorite genre of music is, then ask her why. She will love the opportunity to discuss things about it that she ordinarily doesn’t get to. It also shows interest, and gives you a stepping stone for later. You can also mix it up by asking about favorite characters from childhood TV shows, least favorite cartoon, and other interesting, less asked questions.
A great question to ask your dream girl is what her favorite season is, and why. This is a question that isn’t often asked on a date, and will open the door to further conversation. Not to mention, it will give you some awesome ideas for dates later. If fall is her favorite season because of the changing leaves, you can take her on a drive through the country to see this. If it’s not close to fall, you can bring her a jar of apple butter from a country store as a gift. It shows you were paying attention, and will score you points.